We offer a wide range of smart alternative investments featuring market-beating annual returns, in-built capital protection and a broad range of investment terms. With a low entry level and with options to provide regular income or capital growth, we have investments to suit the broadest range of investment goals.


Minimum Investment Capital Allowed: $5M

What do I need in order to start investing?

We try to make investing as simple as possible and will assist you in considering your investment options in line with your Risk Profile and objectives.

When you contact us, we will run through the approach we take towards preparing an investment recommendation.

We will:

  • Allocate a dedicated Financial Planning Manager who would assist you with your investment needs and will be available throughout your relationship with us
  • Introduce you to the full range of services and investments  we can offer you
  • Refer you to our Literature Section once we recommend an investment to you
  • Enable you to follow the markets through our in-Market News

We seek to address your needs based on our understanding of your requirements and your financial situation. In doing so we will ensure that our recommendations fit into your personal circumstances and objectives.

Kindly fill the form below to contact us about your interest in our investment opportunity and we will respond to you within 24 hours for guidance and steps.