SKinvest enables you to liquidate, diversify or execute your options with confidence.

Employee stock options are an integral part of your overall compensation package. When you’re fully vested and ready to cash them in, SKinvest will help you exercise your option, execute the sale of any portion of your position with the help of our experienced associates, provide you with prompt, accurate reporting and records of your transactions. If you wish, we will work with you to reinvest some or all of your proceeds through a plan designed to help you meet your further financial goals.

If you have a large number of shares to sell, we have the expertise to execute your trade swiftly and with attention to the best quality execution possible, while meeting all compliance and reporting requirements.

Take advantage of our advanced investment tools and online resources:

  • Conveniently manage your account online. Our Investment Representatives and Investment Specialists are there for you every step of the way.
  • If you prefer, SKinvest’s Select’s elite Wealth Management Investment Advisors can handle all aspects of the portfolio management for you.

SKinvest supports participants in more than 125 countries, and has the experience to handle your orders as well as give you access to your funds in your local currency:

  • USD (U.S. Dollars)
  • AUD (Australia)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • CAD (Canada)
  • CZK (Czech Republic)
  • DKK (Denmark, Kroner)
  • HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)
  • JPY (Japan Yen)
  • MXN (Mexico Peso)
  • NZD (New Zealand Dollars)
  • NOK (Norway, Kroner)
  • SGD (Singapore Dollar)
  • ZAR (South Africa Rand)
  • SEK (Swede, Kronor)
  • CHF (Switzerland Franc)
  • GBP (United Kingdom Pounds)

Contact us if you would like to explore options with other currencies.