Technically Speaking: Fed Goes All In. When’s The “Bear Market” Rally?

Let’s flashback to a time not so long ago, May 2019. “It was interesting to see Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, during an address to the Fernandina Beach banking conference, channel Ben Bernanke during his speech on corporate ‘sub-prime’ debt (aka leveraged loans.) ‘Many commentators have observed with a sense of déjà vu the buildup of risky […]

Technically Speaking: Bulls Get QE & Trade, Remain “Stuck In The Middle”

“Clowns to the left of me,Jokers to the right, here I am,Stuck in the middle with you” – Stealers Wheels __________________________ The lyrics seem apropos considering we have Trump, China, Mnuchin, the Fed, along with a whole cast of colorful characters making managing money a difficult prospect recently.  However, the good news is that over […]

Technically Speaking: This Is Nuts & The Reason To Focus On Risk

Since the lows of last December, the markets have climbed ignoring weakening economic growth, deteriorating earnings, weak revenue growth, and historically high valuations on “hopes” that more “Fed rate cuts” and “QE” will keep this current bull market, and economy, alive…indefinitely. This is at least what much of the media suggests as noted recently by […]

Technically Speaking: The Risk To The Bullish View Of Trade Deal

In this past weekend’s newsletter, I discussed the bullish view of a trade deal with China.  “Assuming we are correct, and Trump does indeed ‘cave’ into China in mid-October to get a ‘small deal’ done, what does this mean for the market.  The most obvious impact, assuming all ‘tariffs’ are removed, would be a psychological ‘pop’ to […]

Technically Speaking: How To Safely Navigate A Late Stage Bull Market

In this past weekends newsletter, I discussed the issues surrounding “dollar cost averaging” and “buy and hold” investing. That discussion always raises some debate because there is so much pablum printed in the mainstream media about it. As we discussed: “Yes, a ‘buy and hold’ portfolio will grow in the financial markets over time, but it DOES  […]

Technically Speaking: Just How Long Will Markets Keep “Buying” It?

In this past weekend’s newsletter, I broke down the bull/bear argument dissecting the issues of cash on the sidelines, extreme bearishness, equity outflows. However, even though the economic and fundamental environment is not supportive of asset prices at current levels, the primary argument supporting asset prices at current levels is “optimism.”  “The biggest reason for […]

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