This Time Might Be Different

“Don’t fight the Fed.” – Every amateur investor who has never seen a bear market. Over the last decade, investors have been trained to “buy” the markets every time the Federal Reserve was engaging in providing liquidity to the financial markets. As I noted in “Pavlov’s Dogs:” “Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning) refers to a learning […]

Unprecedented Decline In Retail Sales & It Will Get Worse

A slew of economic reports came out today, all of them terrible. But the next set will be worse. Inquiring minds are investigating the Advanced Retail Sales Report for March 2020. Ten Highlights Total: -8.7%Motor Vehicles and Parts: -25.6%Furniture: -26.8%Food and Beverage Stores: +25.6%Gasoline: -17.2Clothing Stores: -50.5%Sporting Goods Stores: -23.3%General Merchandise Stores: +6.4%Department Stores: -19.7%Food […]

You Were Warned Of The Risk

I have been slammed with emails over the last couple of days asking the following questions: “What just happened to my bonds?” “What happened to my gold position, shouldn’t it be going up?” “Why are all my stocks being flushed at the same time?” As noted by Zerohedge: “Stocks down, Bonds down, credit down, gold […]

#WhatYouMissed On RIA: Week Of 02-24-20

We know you get busy and don’t check our website as often as you might like. Plus, with so much content being pushed out every week from the RIA Team, we thought we would send you a weekly synopsis of everything you might have missed. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ RIA Pro is our premium investment analysis, research, […]