You Were Warned Of The Risk

I have been slammed with emails over the last couple of days asking the following questions: “What just happened to my bonds?” “What happened to my gold position, shouldn’t it be going up?” “Why are all my stocks being flushed at the same time?” As noted by Zerohedge: “Stocks down, Bonds down, credit down, gold […]

Market Crash Reveals The “Liquidity Problem” Of Passive Investing

“When it comes to investing, it’s a losing proposition to try and be anything better than average. If there’s no point in trying to beat the market through ‘active’ investing – using mutual funds that managers run, selecting what they hope are market-beating investments – what is the best way to invest? Through “passive” investing, […]

Decoding Media Speak & What You Can Do About It

Just recently, the Institutional Investor website published a brilliant piece entitled “Asset Manager B.S. Decoded.” “The investment chief for one institution-sized single-family fortune decided to put pen to paper, translating these overused phrases, sales jargon, and excuses into plain — and satirical — English.” A Translation Guide to Asset Manager-Speak Now is a good entry […]